The Harrison Civil Engineering Ltd BSPS Ridden Anglo and Part-Bred Arab Championships RIHS 2018

This show is affiliated to the BSPS (No 155/17) and these classes will be judged under BSPS rules. Animals must be registered in the Arab Horse Society Anglo and Part Bred Arab Stud Book. The only animals eligible to compete are those which have been placed first at one of the qualifying shows. In the event of the first placed animal having already qualified, the next animal may qualify and so on down to third place.

Marks will be allocated as follows:-
Performance/Ride 50 Conformation, Type and Freedom of Action 50 Total Maximum mark 100

In the event of a tie, the marks must not be altered. The mark for Performance/Ride will take precedence, followed by the Conformation, Type and Freedom of Action mark. If there is still a tie or ties, the judges’ decision is final.

This show is also a qualifier for the Cherif Championship 2017. The final will be held at the Cherif Championship Show at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre on 13th September 2017. In Class 238 two entries may qualify. The highest placed entries within the first four in the class at (a) Up to and including 138cms (pink card) and (b) over 138cms and up to and including 148cms (blue card) who has not already qualified will qualify. In Class 239 two may qualify (one white card and one green card). The highest placed entries within the first four in the class at (a) up to and including 153cms and (b) over 153cms. No entry placed lower than fourth can qualify, even if only one height section is covered by the top four in the class. All exhibitors are issued with colour coded qualifying cards, which state the height section of the horse/pony. Competitors must carry their qualifying cards with them in the ring to be signed by the judge. Failure to produce the card for signature means non-qualification. No cards are to be brought into the ring once the class has started. All qualifiers will receive a special rosette. Please note: At the Cherif Championship ponies will be ridden by a lightweight adult.