BSPS Mini Pony Championships 2019

 BSPS Mini Pony Championships 2019, All entries in the Leading Rein and the First Ridden Classes must be registered with the British Show Pony Society. This show is affiliated to the BSPS (No. 155/17) and these classes will be judged under BSPS Rules. All ponies must have a JMB Life Height Certificate or an Annual issued in the current year. Ponies in these classes must be specially suited for children and have good manners. Any pony not absolutely under control will be turned out of the ring. The wearing of spurs by the rider is prohibited. Ponies must be shown in suitable snaffle bridles. No competitor may ride more than one pony in a class. Winners of first and second prizes in the Leading Rein and First Ridden Pony must compete in the Mini Championship, or their prize money will be withheld. The only ponies eligible to compete are those which have been placed first at one of the qualifying shows this year. In the event of the first placed pony having qualified, the next pony may qualify and so on down to third place.