193 – 197 | The O’connell Amateur Hunter Classes

The owners and riders of the Hunters entered must be Members of Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain and all entries must be registered on SHB (GB) 2015 Show Hunter Register and the registration numbers quoted on the entry form. All Hunter Classes will be judged under the Regulations of SHB (GB), and animals which compete in the Hunter Classes are not eligible to compete in the Working Show Horse or Riding Horse Classes and vice versa (see SHB (GB) 2015 Members Book – Restrictions on Entries). This does not apply to Working Hunter classes and Ridden Sport Horse Classes. Judges shall have the power to transfer, before judging, exhibits to the Middleweight or Heavyweight Class if they deem it necessary. Winners of first and second prizes in each class must compete in the Championship or their prize money will be withheld. The only horses eligible to compete are the two highest placed small, lightweight, middleweight & heavyweight in an Amateur Hunter Class at a qualifying show. A person is an amateur for showing purposes, when showing in amateur ridden hunter classes, if he or she does not:
(a) Engage in livery, buying, selling, dealing or hiring horses as a means of deriving a main source of income since 1st January 2013.
(b) Accept remuneration whether it be monetary or goods in kind for employment in connection with horses in a racing, showing or livery stable or riding school (instruction at Pony Club and Riding Club excepted) since 1st January 2013.
(c) Show a horse owned or sponsored by a company or commercial firm, or a horse for which his or her immediate family accepts livery or training charges from a person outside the immediate concern since 1st January 2013.
(d) Show a horse which a professional rider has ridden in any ridden hunter or ridden sport horse class during the current year, with the exception of Working Hunter classes and Ladies Hunter, unless the horse has subsequently been re-registered under new ownership.
(e) Professional show persons must not enter the Amateur Ring whilst the classes are in progress. A professional show person is another term for a professional producer and as such a professional groom who works for a producer can enter the ring to groom.
(f) A professional rider must not ride or exercise an amateur’s horse on the day it is competing in Amateur Classes.

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