Hallie Booty and Pony Maccallumdene

Hallie has had Mac for three years since she was nine years old, the lessons and hard work have paid off and they qualified for the RI Dalkeith Young Riders Large Breeds section at the BSPS area 16 Spring Festival on Saturday 9th April, Hallie is a year 7 student at Manningtree High School where she is a member of the high school equestrian team, Mac is a also a popular team member on the dressage team and is often borrowed by students to take part.

Hallie Booty and Maccallumdene
Hallie Booty and Maccallumdene

Mac is quite simply Hallies world he is looked after at home by Hallie and her mum Kim and he loves to join in with a chat, he is very vocal and will always give a welcoming whicker whenever you appear around the corner, Hallie would have him sat at the table for dinner if she could.

Hallie is incredibly lucky to have Mac he was kindly sold to us by Rob and Heather Shave after a frustrating search to find a suitable pony safe enough to look after Hallie being so tall but equally ambitious, they are regularly mistaken for an adult combination, however in their first HOYS qualifier at the NPS champs last year they were placed in an incredibly strong field of professional adult riders which was a huge achievement being only 11 years old at the time.

Hallie has regular lessons with Heather Shave and now she has grown some very long legs she is able to really get the best out of Mac, they will continue to contest junior classes and are very much hoping as well as contesting HOYS qualifiers that the new HOYS junior ridden class will eventually be opened up to large breeds, Hallie has done incredibly well and has proudly held her own against some truly talented combinations at a young age.

Mum and Dad are understandably very proud of them both and looking forward to the season ahead.


The Ponies (UK) Dalkeith Young Riders M&M Large Breeds Championship Qualifiers

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